Sunday, 15 October 2017


Well, it was as inevitable as the tides...

Thanks to the keen-eyes of several players (and Mr. Alex Buchel, no less!), a few errors in the Dracula's America rulebook have come to light.

I've gathered them here for now, for the benefit of myself and all players. If any more crop up then I'll edit this Post and add them in- if anybody from the Facebook group is reading this, feel free to drop me a comment and I'll look into any questions you may have!
Pass it on...

Page 9- Contact.
Add the following sentence to the end of this section:

"The only Actions an engaged model can make are to Disengage or to Fight".

Page 45- Attacking Bystanders.
The final sentence should read:

"Finally, a Bystander that Fails to Save suffers Damage as normal. It is worth no Victory Points if it falls Casualty."

Page 74- Recruitment.
7th line down, add the following to the end of this sentence:

"Note that you roll the appropriate Die even if your Boss is unable to take part in the rest of the Campaign Turn for some reason (such as being Laid-Up due to Injury)."

Page 96- Wendigo.
To better fit in with the 'official' North Star Wendigo model, change it's Base Size to 30mm.

Page 122- Pale Rider.
The reference to the Rider moving 8" is a mistake- it should move 6" towards it's Prey as noted in it's profile!

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