Sunday, 15 October 2017

Skinwalker Tribes- Apache!

This week, I have mostly been painting Apache for Dracula's America!

The Skinwalkers are my favourite Faction besides the Dark Confederacy, and since my switch to 28mm Old West instead of 32mm I've been waiting to get painting these guys!

*The Posse so far- including a Wendigo for Summoning and the Wolf Beast-Form for my Boss.

This Posse has been built using the 'Desert Tribes' Theme from the forthcoming Hunting Grounds supplement, so a little teaser for you here!

Using this Theme, all foot models (including Bear-Form Skinwalkers!) have a Move rate of 5" to represent their more elusive tactics- it doesn't sound much, but over the course of a game it can let you cover much more ground than other foot-sloggers (it's only 1" less than a horse, after all!) or go that extra distance to find cover...

The other wrinkle is that you are limited to only a single Skinwalker- I went for the Wolf-Form, as it's my favourite of the two!

*My Boss, Bodaway- in both human and Wolf guise! The Wolf-Form is simply a Frostgrave Werewolf.

However, you do gain the help of a Shaman instead. This fellow comes with Banish as standard (Skinwalker Tribes sure do hate those Abyssals), and I chose Summon and Shadow-Dance; one of the new Skinwalker-only Powers to give my Wolf a little extra protection against Shooting.

*My Shaman, Taklishim, and his Summoned Wendigo- this is a conversion of the North Star model, bent so it is leaning forwards in a more threatening pose with green-stuff mouth and fur and Mantic plastic zombie hands! Taklishim himself has swapped his spear for a rifle from the Old West weapons set from Colonel Bill's.

There are also Themes for Plains and Prairie Tribes and Woodland and Mountain Tribes in the book...

*The rest of the Posse- L-R: Eskaminzim, Dasodaha, Askadodilges and Bimisi. All my Apaches are from Foundry- they are at the smaller end of the 28mm spectrum (if you get what I mean!) compared to my other stuff, but are so characterful that I don't mind.

The Firemakers are finally out for blood in 28mm scale!


  1. Looks great! I'm working on some Skinwalkers too, but only as a back-burner until my Congregation get up to snuff. Great game! Really looking forward to the expansion too.

  2. That's an excellent-looking posse, JH. I especially like the converted Wendigo - really scary pose and green-stuff jaw. The natives look splendidly colourful too. Thanks for posting :-)

  3. Thanks very much for taking a look, Mr. Kleric!


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